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Limo hire Canterbury

Top Things to Do in Canterbury
Canterbury is one of the tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. It is both steeped in history, full of culture and surrounded in nature. It is a vibrant place, full of things to do, which is why people are flocking into this place just to experience Canterbury culture. Check it out with a cruise around Canterbury in our Limousines

Limo hire Canterbury

Visiting Famous attractions limo hire Canterbury

There are many historical and cultural places in Canterbury. These are some of the best attractions Canterbury has to offer.

View the Canterbury Cathedral

For tourists visiting this place, one of the first things to do in Canterbury is see the historic Cathedral that towers this picturesque community. This ancient building was first built during the 6th century but was thoroughly rebuilt during the start of the middle ages. The Canterbury cathedral ranks as one of the oldest buildings in England and. Tourists go to this place to experience and touch a tangible relic from the middle ages.

Enjoy Canterbury’s Selection of Museums

Canterbury has also a nice list of museums and galleries to visit. The Canterbury Roman museum is one of the best in the area. It features Roman artefacts strait Among which is a realistic reconstruction of 14th century England, complete with medieval houses and buildings. Aside from this stunning recreation of England in the middle ages, there are modern museums near the town that offers tourist an artful relaxation. Notable museums in Canterbury are the West Gate Museum and the Canterbury Royal Museum and Art Gallery.


Ride the Canterbury River Tours

Tourists in Canterbury can spend the day, relaxing on the river Stour, on a boat, gently floating through the serene town. It is one of the best ways to view Canterbury and at the same time, relax. It is a nice way to rid of stress and recharge. Families can spend time on these river tours and find it a great experience. It is the best thing to do in Canterbury for relaxing and having fun at the same time.


Have fun Eating and shopping

Every vacation isn’t if tourists don’t have a chance to eat and shop. That is why doing so are among the best things to do in Canterbury. For avid shoppers, the Fenwicks and Nasons department stores are the best choice. Aside from these huge malls, Canterbury is also lined with small stalls and shops that sell a huge array of items.


Eating is not a problem in Canterbury as restaurants can be found in every corner. Book one of our Limousines to take you to the many restaurants here. The Old Weavers restaurant offers tourists and locals a chance to taste both traditional English cuisine and Italian food. The Thomas Becket, a long running pub, is the best place to experience traditional Canterbury culture.


Experience the Countryside

Finally, one of the things to do in Canterbury and a must is to view and travel the countryside. The open country, soothing breeze, the cool climate and the enchanting climate makes it a truly wonderful destination of the family.